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Bespoke Development

Create a solution that suits you, not your software provider.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of having a vendor who works with them to integrate the Biton system into their office environment. Whether that integration is a new report format, a major interface to other systems (in-house or third party) or just advice on how best to utilise the power of Biton's products within their workplace, our clients are guaranteed an excellent and professional response.

Front Office

We have developed a broad spectrum of Windows applications, customisable output options and Excel macros.

  • Automate bloated and poorly maintained legacy spreadsheets
  • Interface with existing systems
  • Produce client and customer emails/fact sheets directly from Biton data and calculations
  • Windows applications to automate common tasks or process and display complex data.
  • Merge data with document templates; store, archive and version the output.

Back Office

Our Clients have requested modifications which include enhancements to the 'back-office' functionality such as:

  • Automatic price-feeds (e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters)
  • Custodian interfaces (e.g. UBS, Northern Trust, Bank of New York)
  • Custodian instructions and trade confirmation packages (e.g. FXMatch).
  • Standard settlements database feeding into automatic fax and telex confirmations

Developed in Tandem with You

We fully discuss developments with our clients before beginning any work and agree a time and cost before the work is undertaken. Testing and release procedures are also clarified, thus ensuring that we have our clients' trust and support at every level of the business relationship.

No Project too Big or too Small

Some clients have worked in collaboration with Biton to develop system enhancements including Salomon Smith Barney, with whom the Global Fixed Income Performance Attribution System was created. We have also developed interfaces to third party packages, proprietary systems, risk management systems, price-feeds and data-feeds.