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Financial Software Solutions

Biton System Consultants is an independent software house, committed to providing sophisticated systems to the financial sector.


Bespoke Applications

Our clients enjoy the benefit of having a vendor who works with them to integrate the Biton system into their office environment. Whether that integration is a new report format, a major interface to other systems (in-house or third party) or just advice on how best to utilise the power of Biton's products within their workplace, our clients are guaranteed an excellent and professional response.

Key Benefits

Portfolio Management System

At the heart of the Biton solution is a multi-asset, multi currency Portfolio Management System: a robust, scalable, affordable solution, suitable for clients of any size.

Front Office Software Suite

Our highly configurable core system serves as the foundation for a large variety of front office applications ranging from order management and compliance tools to bespoke spreadsheets and business analysis.

Annual Licence

Biton licences all of its software on an annual basis. This business model ensures that Biton remains committed to each client throughout the lifetime of the relationship, whilst minimising initial start-up costs.


Once the system is installed and running, Biton provides full support for the application, thus reducing both time and effort for the training of local support staff.

Fixed Cost

Biton delivers timely and accurate implementations, to agreed fixed cost budgets.

Experienced Consultants

Biton consultants have an extensive background in all aspects of Asset and Reserve Management, from front office portfolio management to back office operations.


Biton encourages a pro-active partnership with the client. Biton frequently initiates both improved systems and business processes.

Future Proof

The existing Biton client base provides us with complete confidence in understanding the expectations of our future client needs.


Biton delivers a solution that evolves with the client's requirements, rather than adopting a "Big Bang" approach. This, we believe, significantly reduces the risks associated with both system selection and implementation.


The Biton solution is delivered across a broad range of industry standard hardware and software platforms.

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